Arava Pet Ear Aromatherapy Medicated Wipes

My Westie has chronic allergies and he is also a digger, so when he scratches in his ears it causes an immediate infection that we fight daily. Since his ears are so sensitive he hates me messing with them and definitely does not like the liquid ear cleaner that the vet prescribed. I was afraid we would have a drag down fight cleaning his ears with these wipes, but it was actually the other way around. Once he felt how good they feel on his ears, he loves them!

The dispenser makes it easy to pull out one wipe at a time and keeps them fresh and lubricated as well.

I just simply wipe the inside of his ears and use one pad per ear. When we are finished he jumps around like he feels fantastic. Using these daily has helped return his ears to a healthy, light pink color and prohibit further infections. Very gentle and easy to use. Such a great alternative to the liquid cleaner!