Awesome Wipes Disinfecting Screen Cleaning Wipes

I am always in need of some type of wipe to clean my computer monitors in my office because they get so dirty. They aren’t touchscreen but they do get caked up dust and dirt on them and all of a sudden, everything looks cloudy! I’ve used several different types of electronics wipes; some good, some terrible.

Believe it or not, some of the best I’ve ever purchased have come from the dollar store. The reason why? Because they aren’t sopping, dripping wet! That is the worst when it comes to wipes because if you are cleaning your monitors, phone or tablet, you certainly don’t want liquid running all over the screen. These wipes have just enough dampness in them to clean thoroughly without leaving you with a nasty mess.

I’ve also used these with my glasses. I keep several pairs of glasses all over my home and it’s nice that these come in individual packages so I can throw them in my purse, have them at my desk or keep them in a kitchen drawer. That way, I always have one close to clean the fingerprints off my glasses.

Overall, I really like these wipes. They work well, don’t leave streaks and they are convenient!