Best Organic Age Defy Serum by Joyal Beauty

I’ve tested out a lot of different serums and several other products from Joyal. All of the Joyal products have been superb!

Until now, I’ve not used a serum that is considered “skin brightening” and honestly, didn’t know about it. So, I took a look at all of the great ingredients in this product and found that the addition of Kojic acid is a key ingredient to help bust away hyperpigmentation and skin discoloration. I really needed this because I suffer from Melasmia that I got during pregnancy. I’ve tried a lot of products for this and haven’t really found anything yet that measures up. This however, definitely has.

I feel like I’m getting a new skin – it is so soft and my dark spots are starting to diminish. This has been a very embarrassing problem so I’m beyond happy I’ve found something that is fading it! All I do is massage it in at night before bed, wash my face and I’m good to go. Joyal has come up with yet another great product!