Biensound BT60 Lightweight Foldable Headphones

Really nice headphones. Easy to pair, look good, sound wonderful, and feels of general quality.The folding is surprisingly useful, and they are light and small enough to carry around in a book bag or laptop bag. I travel a lot and do not like earbuds – I find them very uncomfortable and they hurt the inside of my ears. These headphones definitely don’t do that.

The sound was really good. No crazy bass but still good quality compared to other ones. Easy to pair to my s6 edge plus. The buttons work very well and very convenient. They look very stylish and despite the cheap feel, they feel very light and comfy. That’s a huge bonus. They are nice to use while cleaning or just chilling at home.

These headphones are comfortable on your ear and you can easily adjust them for comfort on your head. I have a fairly small head so keeping this type of headphone on my head has been an issue in the past. Although a bit small for my preference, making extended use a somewhat uncomfortable on the ears, but of good design. Definitely a good pair to start you off.