Bumble Road Bath Bombs

Unfortunately I have extremely sensitive skin so steer away from anything that doesn’t have the word Dove on it, however, my daughter adores baths and bath bombs – so I had her test drive these. She is a bath bomb connoisseur so these had a lot to measure up to. She has used cheap dollar store brands as well as very expensive name brands.

Here is what she had to say:

  • The packaging is nice enough to give as a gift; however, she said she would like them more if each bomb were wrapped in tissue for a better presentation.
  • The scents are so wonderful and as soon as you come near the container you can smell them. Fresh scents and not sickening sweet. She said they made her entire bathroom smell wonderful without every using or pulling them out of the container.
  • Doesn’t leave a colored ring around the tub – which is a huge pet peeve of hers.
  • Makes her skin feel super soft and relaxed. After the bath she said her skin felt like she had just put lotion on.

Overall, she loved these bath bombs and likes the price even more. She has lots of bridal showers coming up and she is going to grab a few of these to put in gift baskets. Very nice product.