Clyor VOICE37 Voice Remedy Drops


I get hoarse all the time due to my terrible allergies; especially during the summer. I’ve always used the regular throat sprays out on the market to help sooth my throat and honestly, I didn’t know there were other options until I received this.

I tend to get a lot of phlegm and yes, I know that is gross. But as a woman you can’t quite walk around hocking and spitting! I end up having to go to the bathroom to try to get it all out so I can at least talk. This product doesn’t just soothe your throat, it treats it with a great medicated blend of natural products like fennel and thyme.

The recommended dosage is for performers or singers, which is 25 drops or 1 ml, 1-2 times a day. I’m not a performer so I didn’t need that much; I used about 10 drops. I have to say, it immediately got rid of my phlegmy hoarseness and I actually feel like I don’t have to clear my throat every 2 seconds.

This is super cool product and I’m so glad I know about it now! Natural, safe and effective, I really like it!