ComfiLife Orthopedic Knee Pillow

I suffer from bad sciatica and hip pain from osteoporosis, so I need something to help alleviate the pain when I try to sleep. I’ve used several different brands and have been frustrated with the lack of support. Either they are too soft and my knees just sink in or they are so firm that they are uncomfortable.  I had resorted to balling up a pillow and putting it between my knees, but that has to be fixed all night and is annoying.

This pillow, however, has just the right amount of firmness and the support is fantastic. It doesn’t bother me to use it all night and it keeps my back from aching. I have small legs and knees but there is plenty of room for larger legs as well. My husband tried it out and said it was comfortable for him as well.

 The cover is comfortable and removable for washing. Great buy!