Is your skin starting to feel a little dry and rough? Don’t have the money to get one of those super expensive facials? If so, then you need to check out Earthen Instant Peel Exfoliant today!

Glycolic acid peels can really mess up your skin if it is sensitive and sometimes it takes months to get it back into shape. I made the mistake of having a chemical peel several years ago and I will never do it again. Within 1 day my face started to scab and peel and it hurt so bad. I know that is the point of a peel, but after mine was finished I was left with what looked like scarring on my face for quite awhile – never again!

Obviously with my past experience I was hesitant to give this a try. I didn’t want to burn my face and cause more issues. I was so pleasantly surprised at just how wonderful this made my skin feel!

I just took one of the packets in the shower with me yesterday morning and made sure my skin was steamed up well. Then I massaged it into my skin and immediately started feeling the deal, flaky skin start to come off in my hands. You don’t have to use any pressure at all – but it is like magic.

What was revealed was a glowing, super soft face with zero redness or burning. I couldn’t believe how good it made my face feel! I plan to try it next on my feet and see how that goes. My feet are terrible – especially in the winter so I’ll update with those results when I test it out!


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Instant Peel Exfoliant