Ebeauty Womens Sun Hat

When I opened up this hat I really thought I would hate it because it seems cheap; however, it definitely is not! It serves it’s purpose perfectly!

This hat is super lightweight and easy to pack in a suitcase. It fold well so it won’t loose it’s shape. I took it to the beach with me this weekend and wore it the entire time I was on the beach. I have a pretty small head and most hats just don’t fit me; and I’ve tried all kinds. But this one has elastic in the back and an extra tie so you can tighten it down. This makes all the difference in the world for my pea head! It stayed on very securely except of course when the wind blew heavily.

The hat also includes a removable strap so you keep it around your neck when not on your head. This really came in handy when I went to the rest room – I didn’t have to take off my hat and lay it on the nasty floor. Beach hats are really expensive and this is a great alternative if you simply need something to keep the sun off your face and head. Don’t think you will make any big fashion statement with it, but it works!