scissorsEvergreen Stainless Steel Scissors

The first thing I noticed about these scissors is they are heavy duty and substantial. These are not the cheapies that you buy at a discount store. They are made of industrial grade, high carbon stainless steel but they are much thicker than others I’ve used.

They come packaged in a nice box that you can keep them stored in. There is no guard per say to cover the scissors, but there is a plastic strip. But, if you keep them in the box you really don’t need anything thicker.

The scissors well lubricated and you can see the oil that is there. Anyone who sews or crafts knows you need good scissors and you need to keep them lubricated, so this is a good sign. Just make sure you wipe off the excess before you start cutting for crafts or sewing.

I tried the scissors with a couple of different items: First, regular white printer paper and it cut it like butter. Second, a piece of cardboard from a packing box; they performed equally as well and cut through the cardboard easily and with no effort (as you can see from the video).

Stainless steel scissors that are strong, made to last and cut like butter! Great product!

I received a free sample for my honest review and hope my observations can help you make a buying decision.

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