Fairyland Blackhead and Acne Removal Tool

First suggestion I have is that you learn about how to use these BEFORE you try doing it! Do a search on Youtube and you will find tons of videos. Having said that, they do work and work well.

I battle with blackheads and the occasional acne, but thankfully, not a huge amount. However, I do use the nose strips for blackheads but they only work about halfway. As gross of a subject this can be, it is bothersome for many people. We take to using a couple of finger to try to squeeze zits and all that does is cause scarring.

When you use these tools you will be amazed at what actually comes out of your face – they pull out stuff from way down that strips just can’t get. After doing it, just wash your face with cold water to close your pores and you are done. No scarring or bruising from pinching those zits!

After I followed the instructions on how to remove them with these tools I’ll never be purchasing blackhead strips again!