Fur Caddy Airline Approved Small Pet Carrier

I haven’t used this on an airline yet so I can’t speak to how it will work, however, I have used this once to take my dog to the vet and it worked great! The carrier they have now is a hard sided plastic cage and was very very small and my dog had long outgrown it. Although only one small dog or cat can fit at a time, each of my dogs fit comfortably in this carrier and it is easier for me to carry them in it.

I love the strap feature and carry them like a tote bag. Another plus to the carrier is it is very easy to pull out the cushion inside and clean the whole carrier. Even though it is a soft sided carrier it is very sturdy and durable and has a solid safety locking device. Lots of pockets and places to store items and the side zip feature allows you to pet your dog/cat without having to unzip the entire carrier.

Overall it was a great purchase!