Geneva Naturals Anti-Aging Purifying Clay Mask

I love all sorts of face masks, primarily because they tend not to irritate my already sensitive skin like scrubs sometimes will do. I’ve used clay masks before but never one like this.

I washed my face as usual in the evening and put the mask on. It really didn’t take much to make a paste and cover my face. I let it dry fully, maybe left it on a total of 30 minutes because I wanted a good detox on skin. You really just can’t understand how soft my face was when I rinsed it off – oh my gosh – it was like I grew new skin! There was no irritation at all and it felt like all the toxic stuff had been pulled out of my skin. I even made my husband feel my face so he could see how soft it was – lol.

First thing in the morning, my face was still soft and felt so clean. I’m really loving this!