Green Gobbler Apple Melon All Purpose Degreaser & Cleaner 

What a great concept! This cleaner comes with a very nice and sturdy pump bottle along with small packets that dissolve in water, so you end up getting (8) 28 oz bottles of cleaner with the kit. You also get 2 microfiber cleaning cloths that are very good quality.

The bottle is very well made with a great sprayer – not those cheap sprayers that you get on most products. The trigger is tight and you can feel it pulling the liquid up for an efficient spray. All you do is fill the bottle, pop in a packet and shake the bottle. And there you go, you have a great quality surface cleaner and degreaser!

My husband is always stealing my Windex, so I took this bottle down to him as soon as I cleaned the counter tops in my kitchen. I didn’t even wipe down my counters first, just sprayed it on and wiped it off. All of the smears were replaced with a nice, clean glow. There were no streaks at all (which my counters can tend to have) and no hazy or foggy looking f

ilm on it. Great product!