Himalayan Salt Solution Salt Lamp

A friend of mine got a salt lamp for Christmas and explained the properties of the lamp. Evidently it emits negative ions that can aid to your overall well being.  I was in love with the look of it and honestly, didn’t care anything about the health benefits. Also, I can’t really speak to that aspect because I haven’t had it long enough to know. However, the light is very relaxing!

The light that it puts out makes it a very inviting and it looks like a decorative piece. Everyone that sees it wants to know about it and where I got it. I have this one in my office since I spend the majority of my day here, but I think I’ll buy another for our family room. If nothing else, it casts a beautiful hue of light orange and looks amazing when all the lights are out in a room. Really love it and do hope there are health benefits!