iBeautyLabs Collagen Skin Treatment Face Mask

I truly wanted to love this product because I was super excited about trying it out, however, I wasn’t even able to use it because the scent was way too strong for me. The link included in this review is to a “lemon” mask, and had it been lemon scented, I’m sure I could have put it on my face. The one I received smelled like rose water – very, very strong rose water. I was not given the name of the scent so that I can share with you what not to purchase if you are sensitive to these sort of things.

Having said that, since I couldn’t use it on my face, I actually cut it apart and used it on my hands which could use some softening, soothing and anti aging help as well. I did as they suggested and put it in the refrigerator before using to make it a bit easier. When you open the package make sure you have it on a surface that you don’t mind getting wet because it does have a lot of liquid in it. But, the mask itself doesn’t drip at all, which is a big perk in my book. I’ve used all types of masks and the dripping is a huge issue. No one wants to put a mask on and stand over a sink! With this one, you don’t have to.

I have to say after applying this mask to my hands they are sooooo super soft and it also really helped with the wrinkling – wow they feel awesome!!  Although my use was unconventional I can imagine using them on your face would be lovely and feel fantastic. Hopefully down the road I’ll be able to try a different scent that I can actually use on my face. In any event, they work great!

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