INNX Waterproof Pet Cargo Liner

I already have a cargo liner so I gave this one to my daughter to try out and it was installed on a Dodge Nitro. Since the cargo area on the Nitro is a bit smaller, the liner still fit fine, but the sides went up a bit higher. This was not an issue at all and in fact, protects her back side windows from some of her dogs slobber!

She goes to the dog park just about every evening with her large, 60 lb Lab Mix – he is heavy and sheds more than a Lab should. Thick, wiry, black and brown hair everywhere that is very difficult to vacuum with a cordless vacuum or even one at the gas station.

She really loves this liner and here is what she liked the best:

It is completely waterproof and protects the area from the mud and muck that her dog brings in from the dog park.
Easy to install only took a few minutes to attach the straps around the head rests and it was done.
Loves the long flat that protects her bumper area from dog scratches.
Easy to fold up and put away if she needs to or remove from the car to clean it.

 It’s working really great for her and is helping to keep her car so much cleaner!

Buy the INNX Waterproof Pet Cargo Liner here:

From the manufacturer:

  • INNX Dog cargo liner cover Size 41″ width x 52″ length x 17.7″ height, for most of COMPACK AND SMALL SUVs, 5 SEAT SUV like HONDA CR-V, VW TIGUAN, TOYOTA RAV4, FORD EDGE ESCAPE,SUBARU FORESTER,BMW X5 etc,PLS NOTED that it is not suitable for some fall down rear seat,which turn the whole rear seat into cargo area. Pls double check the size before you press the buy box button
  • Handy pocket for brushes, toys, leashes in your cargo liner,When you bring your pets together, Our Canine cargo liner cover is your best choice
  • Unique velcro locations keep the cargo cover stay in place,Our Canine cargo liner covers will keep your cargo area always clean
  • Easy to install with quick release buckles, velcro patches grab onto any carpeted surfaces for suv pets cargo liner
  • Heavy-duty water resistant material protects your cargo area from dirt,garden stuffs, pets fur and claws, as well as keeps it dry and tidy all day