Lasten Plastic Storage Box

Seriously the best plastic storage box I’ve had and you won’t find anything as great as this at this price. These trays are easily stackable and fit neatly in my drawers. The inner slats are easily adjustable to various sizes and shapes, according to each piece of jewelry.

This container is made of very strong plastic and is super durable. It also easily opens and closes without too much effort, but still secure enough not to spill if turned upside down. Unlike jewelry hangers, which I also own, your jewelry won’t dance around and clank into each other. They stay put and therefore last longer. They are also not exposed to free air. I am using this box for both costume as well as real jewelry, and both do well in this container.

The fact that it is clear makes it very easy to spot whatever you’re looking for. I plan to purchase a few more to organize some of my crafting supplies, like beads which are a real pain to organize! Really love this box and for the price, you really can’t beat it!