Natrogix Totem 150ML Essential Oil Diffuser

I own quite a few different diffusers and I use them all over my home. There is nothing like a great smelling room without the need of plug in deodorizers, sprays or candles.

These diffusers are such low maintenance and super easy to use. This one has a smaller tank, just 150ML, but I prefer smaller ones for places like the bathroom. It is really nice to have a diffuser operating in the bathroom while you have guests over or during a party. First – you don’t have to worry about keeping those harsh sprays around and Second – it just makes for a more welcoming environment when using the restroom.

This one is minimal in functionality, but sometimes you do just want simplicity. However, it does have 7 different colors that are muted and rotate through OR you can choose not to have a color at all. What essential oils you use in it should just be based on the room, your mood or your preference in scents. I like lavender for the bathroom or bedroom when I’m sleeping but use lemon or peppermint during the day in my office or family room. Make sure you research how many drops you need for the water capacity; I use from 2-4 drops and it isn’t too strong.

The light is adjustable and you can also turn it off for sleeping. Use distilled water and you won’t have nasty build up in the tank, but you should clean the tank out regularly anyway. Also, the cord on this one is much longer than some of the others I have. This makes it so much easier to plug in behind a table, etc.

Works great and keeps the room fresh.

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