Natural Pest Deterrent Bird Repellent Tape

I’ll be very honest, I did not think this tape would work at all. I had never heard of such a thing, but I’m glad I have now, because it DOES work!

We have woodpeckers that come around the same time every year and they peck holes all in our wood house. This spring we had our home repainted with included patching all the holes, new wood, etc and I was not going to let those stupid woodpeckers get it again!

This week they came back and started to peck by the window in my office. All day I beat on the walls and ran outside to shoo them away.  That afternoon my husband cut ribbons of this tape and hung them around where they had started the hole.  I have to say that the day after I put this up, I didn’t see any signs of the woodpeckers on the house. But, I wanted to see for myself. The birds usually come out in the late afternoon so I set up my laptop in the kitchen where I could hear and see them. It was the funniest thing to see the birds swoop in and almost put on the brakes!! I don’t know exactly what it does to make them stop, but they did and continue to.

I have to say that I really wish I had purchased this years ago and I’m quite pleased..and super surprised that it works so well when other things didn’t!