I really dislike when I get a snag in my hose or lingerie after running them through the wash. Even if you wash them by themselves and on delicate, eventually it happens. This is the main reason I love lingerie bags for washing delicates.

These bags have a thick woven mesh and are very strong.

These are the bags you will receive:

  • 1 Large (50 x 60cm | 19.70 X 23.60 in)
  • 1 Medium (20 x 16cm | 15.75 X 19.70 in)
  • 2 Small (30 x 40cm | 19.70 X 23.60 in)

It is so nice to have all these different sizes because sometimes you don’t to wash anything that is large or heavy, like stockings. These are perfect for the small bag. The large bag is very big and will be great for washing delicate sweaters, scarfs, etc.

Super strong bags, various sizes at all at a great price. Definitely a quality product and I highly recommend!