Original Brushegg Silicone Cosmetic Make-up Brush Cleaning Tool 

A little from the manufacturer:

Makeup Brush Cleaner Features:
– This cute little device is super easy to use, and by allowing you to use less soap as you clean, will extend the life of your makeup brushes
– The soft silicone material feels good in your hand, is gentle on your brushes, is nonporous and hygienic, and will last for years
– The handy hook on the top of the cleaner, can help you easily storage it.
– The cute shape, attractive colors and undeniable usefulness of this brush cleaner set all combine to make it a great gift. Why not get it for a friend, a family member, or yourself?

Advice for Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes:
– Wet the brush bristles with lukewarm water and apply a few drops of shampoo (baby shampoo is best).
– Work up a lather by rubbing the brush bristles up and down over your Talever makeup brush cleaner. Use the ridged area for larger brushes and the other areas for smaller brushes.
– Rinse the brush and cleaner under running water. Repeat with more shampoo until the lather looks clean.
– Pat the brush bristles dry with a paper towel and shape them while they’re moist. Let the brush air dry by laying the handle down on a table with the bristles sticking out over the edge

My Review:

Makeup brushes get dirty and oily after only a couple of uses. They can also spread some nasty skin rashes. You should always be cleaning your brushes weekly and what better product to use than the Original Brushegg Silicone Cosmetic Make-up Brush Cleaning Tool ?

Simple to use – just fit the tool over your finger, wrap around your brushes and scrub. Nice, soft silicone that easily wraps around your brushes and allows for precise cleaning.

It has a larger area ridged area that is great to use for your larger brushes and the other area is perfect for those smaller brushes.

This tool works so well and helps you get all the grease, grim and makeup off the brushes so you can keep your face clean and breakout free.

Try one today!