OwnPets Automatic Pet Feeder

Do you work long hours and have a difficult time getting home in time to feed your dog? Do you have cats and like to run away for the weekend? If so, you are going to love the OwnPets Automatic Pet Feeder! We absolutely love it it!

Wanted it because of ease while on vacation, to portion out meal size and not have the cats just free feeding while we were away. Used it about a month before we left to be sure it would work properly. No problem with the portion size, as I measured it once it dispersed, and it was the correct amount.Also, unlike some others I’ve seen it is not noisy at all. Only sound I hear is the food dropping and that just signals to the cats that it is feeding time, they run to it.

I like that the bowl comes off for easy cleaning, that it shows you the total number of meals served and that the controls are in the back so curious cats can’t disturb them. It is heavy enough so the cats can’t turn it over. The reviews for other feeders stated the food got stuck or the pets could reach up through the opening to get more food –but so far with this feeder none of that has happened. I am glad I chose this one – it has been perfect.