Phytopia Tranquility Synergy for Anxiety Relief and Stress Support

Love love that it isn’t greasy and it absorbs quickly. There is nothing worse to me than a product that lies on top of my skin. Smells sooooo good!

I use it on my forehead and neck when I go to sleep at night and it helps me relax my mind – I have a hard time sleeping and this definitely helps.

I also like to keep a bottle in the shower, when I take a shower after work I put a few drops on a wash cloth and place it on the shower floor. The steam lets the scent surround me, which is great for calming affects. It helps ease away the tension from your day. This bottle is also great to carry in your purse, if you start to feel frustrated or stressed, just smell a little of this and it helps.

Smells wonderful, works great – Definitely recommend!!