Rabbit Corkscrew from YIFANYU


From the manufacturer:

Corkscrews wine bottle opener with retro nostalgic copper style, made of high-grade zinc alloy, showing the noble and elegant

It is a fast opener, rabbit ear handle grip the bottleneck, press the lever handle so that the corkscrew quickly into the cork, and then pull back the lever handle, the stopper is out

The design of the rabbit opener based on the principle of lever and grip ?it requires very little effort to remove the cork ?and it won’t damage the cork

Corkscrews includes: rabbit opener?foil cutter and corkscrew worm , very suitable for giving gifts to relatives and friends

100% refund Guarantee, if the product has any quality problems, please contact us promptly,we will reply within 12 hours included the weekend

My review:

Looking for the absolute easiest way to open a wine bottle without the cork falling in? You NEED to check out the Rabbit Corkscrew from YIFANYU!

I’ve gone through too many corkscrews to count – broke some, others just came apart. I received this one and although I’ve only used it a couple of weeks I’m impressed by how sturdy and well engineered it is.

Comes in a classy case and works phenomenally well. Sturdy design, easy to figure out. I bought this for myself but I would love to gift this to another wine lover. Its a solid piece and works very well. Plus the finish is gorgeous.

Opening a wine bottle is now no problem at all. Great opener!