Roraima SUV Cargo Liner

I have two West Highland White Terriers and black interior in my car..sooo..yes, dog hair everywhere!!  When I transport my pups to the vet or the dog park, white hair is inevitably all over the back cargo area and it is horrible to try to vacuum up – even with one of those commercial vacuums at the gas station. I also take my grand-pup everywhere with us and he is not really a pup. He is a 60 lb lab mix and loves to jump in and out of my cargo area. I’ve been using a towel on the bumper so he didn’t scratch it (this car is pretty new, and nice and way too expensive – not my choice, my husband did it!) – unfortunately, the towel just doesn’t do it and I’ve already gotten a few scratches; not a happy camper.

Enter this fabulous cargo liner!! I have so many great things to say about this liner because it really is a life saver for the back of my car. These are just some of the features that make it great:

  • Comes with a storage bag just in case I want to fold and store it in the car or under the seat. Probably won’t do that, but it’s a good option to have
  • Completely waterproof – I mean, really waterproof. We tested it out this past weekend when we took a day trip to the beach. Sat on the beach all day, threw all of our wet chairs, towels, etc in the back and drove back home. When we got back, all we did was unload and wipe the sand off. No problems with my cargo area getting wet – which I love!
  • Easy to install – literally, it took me less than 5 minutes to attach the arms around the seat seat rests, spread out the liner and it was done – just like that!
  • It’s a really large liner. I have a BIG cargo area in my Dodge Durango. With the 3rd row seats down, the liner covered the entire back of the car.
  • Once you have it spread out in the cargo area, it doesn’t slide around much at all. We loaded lots of stuff in that back of the car and the liner stayed put, so this is a great feature.

In a nutshell, I love this liner and it is a lifesaver for my car. Highly recommend it!!