SHOUVY Whitening Mask Cream

My skin is very sensitive and over the years I’ve tried many things for the dark spots on my face. Some good, some bad. The one thing I’ve never tried is a mask, although one of my daughters has mentioned it to me. So I was happy to try it out!

Unfortunately, I do not have the funds (nor the want) to go to a spa. I’m not a “spa” girl, manicure girl, etc. I’m low maintenance, but want to treat my skin well so I can keep a good complexion as long as possible.

When I opened the container to try this out, the first thing I noticed was there was no overwhelming scent; just nice and clean. I first washed my face then used the mask. It has a nice cool feeling and absorbs pretty quickly. I’ve been sleeping with it overnight, 3 nights a week for 2 weeks. So far, some of the melasmia on the sides of my face are starting to fade just a bit. Hope with more prolonged use they will go away completely. Good product so far.