This speaker was really great right out of the box. I had an old wireless blue tooth speaker, probably one of the first ones to come out. It did the job most of the time but it dropped the signal a lot and it took forever to get it paired up with my device.
It is a very sturdy case but it isn’t very heavy, weighing in at only 9 oz., making it a fantastic speaker for outdoor or camping use. Easy to throw into a backpack and only takes up a bit of space.
I grabbed my phone to see how easily it paired with it. I didn’t even have to scan for devices, it just popped up, I clicked on it and it paired in seconds. From the time I took the speaker out of the box, until it was streaming Pandora was less than a few minutes.
It has big sound and it’s very clear. I played my music all day in my office and it never once dropped the signal – even when I was constantly using my phone taking pictures and texting.
I’m very impressed with this speaker and tonight, it will be going out on the porch with me and stream from my sound system. Definitely recommended!!