Super Small Wireless Earbud from Soulsoundmagic

A bit difficult to get paired, but after I did, this earbud worked perfect with great big sound! The instruction manual that comes with this will most likely require a magnifying glass to read it – very tiny writing, so keep that in mind. Also, not really helpful, but if you have connected to bluetooth before, it is fairly straightforward. However, it did take 4 tries for me to get mine to connect.
This earbud is smaller than a quarter – yes, it’s tiny! This is very lightweight and the earbud is comfortable in my ear; which is usually a huge pet peeve. This fits more securely than any other earbuds I’ve ever owned. I was able to work out (hard) and it stayed in securely and sweating did not keep it from still performing well.

The tiny earbud charges easily from a usb connector. Just pop the earbud in, connect to your computer and the earbud charges pretty quick. It also comes with a zipper travel case so you can take it with you anywhere you go. I think I’ll be using this when I run in the park. I can just keep it in my car, charge on my cars USB hub and always have it handy.  Small size, but big sound!

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