Techfeed Pineapple & Apple Corer

As much as I cook and as many gadgets as I have I cannot believe that I didn’t already own one of these! I eat a ton of fruit as well, especially apples. The first thing I did was core an apple this morning for breakfast and literally, it took 10 seconds. The apple corer is super sharp and cut right through the apple. I didn’t even have to use much force to get the core out clean and easy. Sliced my apple and I was eating it in 2 minutes – perfection!

I haven’t used it on a pineapple yet but I’m sure it will work with the same ease because that corer is very sharp as well. In addition to coring the pineapple with this tool, you can spiral slice it. I can’t wait to try that out for outdoor parties this summer.

Great tool and I’ll be using it every morning!