VenusCare Travel Pillow & Sleeping Mask Set

A little from their website:

Are you gifted with the ability to fall asleep anywhere, at any time in any type of vehicle like in a train, plane or car seat? Actually falling asleep isn’t the problem, Having deep sleep and waking up at the end of the journey with a painful or stiff neck is the real problem. You may have tried this sleep mask and endless neck supports which claim to provide the right support you need to sleep better while traveling, and feel better once you’ve reached your destination. But haven’t you got that desired results?

This u shaped pillow is ergonomically designed to offer 360 degrees of head, neck and chin support with the BIG SIZE silk eye mask, Its unique design fits any neck length and it wraps gently around the neck to provide super soft and the best support, preventing the head from falling forward.

VenusCare Travel Neck Pillow for Airplanes is made from high grade, slow rebound memory foam material molded with a cozy, removable and machine washable fabric that has a smooth surface. This allows your neck to rest in a totally neutral position, allowing you to sleep right through any lengthy travel. Also, the smart hook allows the pillow to be attached to your carry-on bag.

My review:

I have horrible neck issues from bone deterioration and I’ve tried many different pillows to help me be able to sit comfortably and watch TV or go on extended car rides. So far, balling up my coat to put behind my head helps more than a pillow – until I used this one!

It is super light weight yet provides support that is very comfy and just firm enough to give your neck good support. Because of the shape and generous thickness of foam, it keeps the head from flopping to the side and causing neck strain. The fabric cover is attractive, plush and soft and the seams and zipper are well sewn.

This is one high quality pillow that is very reasonably priced and it delivered quickly. I highly recommend this pillow for people who travel a lot and need extra neck support when watching TV.