WEBSUN Motion Activated Toilet Night Light

 You would think this would be more like a gag gift instead of a truly useful item, but I promise, it is definitely useful. How many times have you hit your knee or leg on the toilet when you get up in the middle of the night to use the facilities? Most of us don’t want to turn the bright light on because it will wake us up. This little gadget makes it easy to light up the toilet instead of the whole bathroom!  It senses movement in a dark room with no problem and turns right on as I enter the room.

In addition, the light is muted and if you keep it on the clear light it is just enough glow. However, if you want the light to be  different color, just choose from one of the other 7!  Super easy to get up and running – just pop in the batteries and go. It hangs on the side of the toilet by a pretty generic size clamp that I’m sure will fit most toilets. It doesn’t get in the way and other than the light that emits, you won’t know it is there.

Definitely going to buy a couple more for the other toilets in my house. Not only is it a cool novelty item, but it is useful as well!