Winis Unisex Breathable Trekking Socks

My husband and I do a lot of hiking and it’s tough to find a good pair of socks that (1) Don’t rub your feet raw (2) Are quality material & (3) Can be used in hot or cold weather – but these definitely fit the bill! These are truly some of the most comfortable socks I’ve put on under my hiking boots. This past weekend we did an 8 mile hike on fairly tough terrain and not one bit of rubbing on my ankles or the tops of my feet (where it usually happens).

They did not stretch out at all around the ankles and the foot seams are tough. My feet got a bit sweaty on the hike, but the socks really absorbed well and my feet didn’t feel wet or clammy at all – this is a huge perk for me. Also, the socks, nor my feet, smelled at all!

Washed them the next day and they came out perfectly with no fading or being stretched out. They look to be super durable and I’m hoping they last well and keep my feet warm this winter on hikes!

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