ZestyNest Black Caspian Stone Scouring Pads

We have super hard water in our home and our sinks and toilets get terrible rust looking stains. I have tried literally everything to get stains out  – you name the cleaner, scrubber, etc and I’ve tried it to no avail.

Little did I know that after years of trying everything possible that this one simple item – caspian stone – was going to remove those stains! All I did was put on some rubber gloves (essential), wet the stone and start scrubbing the rings in the toilet. Voila! – a little bit of patience, a bit of elbow grease and the rings were gone. It took less than 5 minutes per toilet and it was done.

When scrubbing, do not use really hard pressure because you don’t want to scratch the porcelain. The key to doing this correctly is to scrub softly and remove the rings by layers. Not only will you see them coming off, but you will feel it when you are scrubbing. Very similar to the way soap scum on a shower feels when you scrub it off. Leaving you will a nice, clean and shiny surface. I will NEVER go back to toilet bowl cleaners since I starting using these stones. Miraculous!