Zyanwa 5 Gallon Grow Bag, Breathable Fabric Planting Containers

I am impressed by the durability of these pots given their price. I am using them for tomatoes, potatoes and eggplant. I got a late start on my garden this year and got these just at the right time to get my veggies going finally. I’ve always used the plastic containers for my porch garden but I like these so much better. They sit up perfectly after filled with dirt and drain great.

They have been lifted and moved around many times on my porch and have no rips or tears.  The cloth is thick and has very strong stitching. The handles are also sown on well, easy to grip and make moving the baskets around simple and easy; even right after watering.. Excellent value.Work perfect and as intended.

They are cheap enough to be disposable, but definitely can be reused. Great value and perfect for a small container garden or for those that have limited space for growing. I would definitely recommend these to friends!